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Department Management

Department Server Accounts


In order to have access to the department server you must have an active account and SSH set up. If you do not have a department account, you can request one by following the server setup here.

Changing Password

This is deprecated and only relevant to old servers such as Denali

In order to change your department server password you must:


Instructional web space is available to each faculty, staff member, and visiting instructors. If you do not already have an account and need one, you must contact IT by opening a ticket to get the process started.

Course Computing (JupyterHub)

As a faculty member, instructor, or researcher you can request a JupyterHub instance to support your work and facilitate learning. Please follow this link to request JupyterHub instance. If you are a student looking to access JupyterHub for your course work, please check your syllabus, or with your TA or your faculty instructor for how to access the JupyterHub instance that is available to you.


The copier can be found in the mailroom and is accessible through the mailroom computer, any PSTAT office computer, and personal computers with appropriate drivers installed.

The printer is accessible only from the department IP’s and the Campus VPN. If you get an error that the printer can’t be found you will need to first connect to the Campus VPN.


Installing Windows Drivers

Installing MacOS Drivers

Linux Driver Download


Using the Printer

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